“Our sense of beauty and our understanding of the nature of the good life are intertwined.”
~Alain de Botton from The Architecture of Happiness
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Holy crap, these Voldemort memes are hilarious, especially #5!

I am the girl who will point out your flaws,

And take you outside to see the stars.

And remind you how human you are,

And what a wonderful thing that is.

I am the girl who will talk about science,

And music and theology and history.

And point out constellations laughing,

When you don’t even know the name of the big dipper.

I am the girl who will make witty references

To classic literature and science fiction,

And will tell you stories of how I once

Made a gingerbread replica of a lighthouse.

I am the girl who will stand on the table,

Ad sing at the top of my lungs on the highway.

And act like a peacock, or whale, or Velociraptor

Or act like a dog and make fun of myself.

I am the girl who cries during films,

And loves to learn and go on new adventures,

Or stay at home and listen to beautiful records.

But most of all,

I am the girl you’ve been searching for.

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